Surveying and Clearance

Flora and Fauna Throughout the Southwest

Bio Logical has you covered from pre-construction to project close out and everything in between. Whether you need to determine if a species is present on your potential site, or you need to conduct a full inventory of the area, we can set up a survey to meet your needs.

Our surveying services include: habitat assessments, baseline surveys, species specific and focused surveys, vegetation mapping, presence/absence surveys, small mammal surveys, and nesting surveys. Depending on your needs, we can provide raw data, or a full technical report of the findings required for consultation.

Clearance involves the methodic approach to removing tortoises from a site once the consultation has been approved and permitted. We provide site clearances whether your project spans half an acre or thousands. Depending on the project, requirements may include: transmittering, health assessments and individual tortoise deposition plans. Every project’s biological needs are unique and specific; Bio Logical can cover it.

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