We have a wide range of flora in the Southwest and we are proud to help preserve it.


The flora in the southwest presents its own set of challenges, and Bio Logical aims to provide a variety of services to meet those needs.


Noxious/Invasive Weeds:  Noxious/Invasive Weeds Surveys focus on determining the presence of any noxious/invasive weeds in a given project area. This data is utilized in the formation of the hazard assessment and weed risk management plans, which are then implemented during the project construction. Once construction is underway, project biologists continue to mitigate for weeds while utilizing the approved project protocol.


Succulents:  We conduct data collection and take inventory on the species of succulents present in a project area. This service assists clients in determining costs for plant salvage; nursery size, location, and care; as well as restoration.


Rare plants: Preliminary data collection may include the presence of rare plants, which will be accounted for during project planning. From initial assessment surveys, to seed collection and implementation of avoidance measures, Bio Logical can assist in managing any rare plant issues that may arise over the course of the project.


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