Desert Tortoise Specialty Services

Bio Logical’s desert tortoise services extend far beyond standard construction monitoring services.

Our team has experience in a wide array of research and specialized tasks that can sometimes be required as a stipulation of construction and for the betterment of the species.

Desert tortoise disposition plans and post translocation monitoring:
Translocated tortoises require special disposition plans based on a variety of factors. A part of the translocation effort includes: preparing plans and submitting them for approval prior to translocation, and then follow-up monitoring to evaluate the movement and acclimation of each individual removed from the project site. These steps ensure that translocation has been successful, and we use this data for future efforts.

Desert tortoise transmittering and tracking:
The movement of an individual tortoise may require tracking for a variety of reasons, including translocation and research. Attaching and removing transmitters and tracking tortoise movement over time can improve both research and construction projects. This process provides information on location and historic movement that can inform translocation as well as provide data for improved mitigation on future and recurring projects.

Desert tortoise health evaluations:
The potential for tortoises to acquire and spread disease under the pressures of loss of habitat, translocation, and changes in population density can be partially mitigated by informed decision making. Health evaluations may be required on some projects as a means of mitigating these concerns. Bio Logical has specialized staff that is certified to conduct health evaluations and associated tasks that are required by some projects.

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