Construction Monitoring and Compliance

Construction monitoring is the core of our available services.

Construction monitoring is the core of our available services. Bio Logical is grounded in the knowledge that the best biological team helps to propel the project forward and minimizes slowdowns while ensuring that all environmental requirements are upheld. We value open communication with the project team so that we can bring together the needs of the individual crews with the project requirements. We present solutions when the unexpected occurs and coordinating with management teams ahead of the construction schedule to ensure all bases are covered before crews hit the ground.

Our team is your team. Helping you make the most of your permitted project is what we do. Bio Logical staff works to discover potential issues before they occur. We are present in the moment, helping to navigate all needs within the right of way and effectively communicating any concerns to permitting agencies.

Our job ultimately is to report on permit compliance. Accidents and surprises do occur, and our team is trained to handle reporting efficiently. Beyond reporting, we are there to provide you with the appropriate information to stay in compliance during these moments, and to assist in finding solutions that allow progress to continue despite these frustrating circumstances.

Regardless of the size and needs of your project, we can put together an effective team that will keep you in compliance and on schedule.

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