Avian Services

Biological can provide compliance monitoring as well as more specialized services.

Most birds that frequent the desert are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Bio Logical works to meet the needs of your project in this regard, whether nest surveys are needed as an addition to compliance monitoring, or if avian specialists are required for larger scale concerns.


Avian surveys and point counts:  Point counts, species lists, and mortality surveys associated with your project construction are all services Bio Logical is able to provide. Our team can implement Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies and conduct habitat assessments as needed.


Raptor surveys: The Eagle Conservation Plan guidance is typical of a wind energy development or other large-scale projects, and we will assist in planning to mitigate any potential impacts. Bio Logical will help you through pre-planning, survey and minimization measures to assist with compliance with these measures.



Migratory bird’s nest surveys: Bio Logical staff can conduct bird nest surveys, which are required during ground-moving activities in the nesting season. Crews work hand-in-hand with construction to survey ahead of disturbance and delineate any areas of avoidance. In addition, consultations can be provided in the passive measures that can be taken to minimize scheduling interference.


Raven Management:  Project requirements to mitigate for ravens are standard. Bio Logical staff will work to ensure raven management protocol is followed onsite, including completing all necessary documentation and raven reporting. Additionally, we will conduct the required follow-up surveys for raven use of and around the site.


Burrowing Owls: Although the time of year and requirements of your project may make it difficult to work with this ground-dwelling owl, Bio Logical can provide the best information for your options during construction and future planning. In addition, when passive hazing or burrow excavation is permitted, the team at Bio Logical is skilled in utilizing these methods carefully and effectively.

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