What does an Authorized Desert Tortoise Biologist Do?

An Endangered Species

Nevada is a state of breath-taking scenery and a state rife with the call for adventures. It is also home to an extraordinary animal. The Mojave Desert Tortoise has been a resident of the area now known as the Mojave Desert for millions of years. In the mid-1900s, it was not uncommon for the local people to see these gentle creatures quite regularly, and now they are rarely seen at all, and in some places, they have simply vanished. The desert tortoise has been listed as a Threatened Species under the federal Endangered Species Act since 1990.This knowledge in mind makes all the work of dedicated wildlife biologists and environmental studies so important. At Bio-Logical, we make sure that these unique places and animals are not lost, but instead, find a balance between the growth of industry and the protection of these fragile habitats.

A Day on the Job

Regardless of the size of the construction project, be it large or small, a biologist authorized in desert tortoise protection has a lot to do when it comes to environmental studies and the management of on-the-ground operations. Depending on the project’s needs, a biologist might find themselves doing many things from ecological surveys to revisiting desert tortoises that have been translocated following the completion of a project. Another important job of these biologists is to determine the desert tortoises’ absence, presence on a project site, and possibly perform a clearance survey to locate and remove tortoises and their eggs away from the project site to enhance their safety. With their habitats under threat, any project looking to develop on these habitats must have all the information and help needed to minimize their impact on the local ecosystem. Other duties could include surveys for small mammals and nesting species, vegetation surveys, and providing all the data needed for a consultation before any construction begins.

Peace of Mind

With an authorized biologist as a crucial member of our team, it’s easy for our clients to relax in the knowledge that they’ll receive daily field reporting and management of biological monitors, so everyone can rest assured that the best decisions are being made for the ongoing success and environmental compliance of any project. One such offering to help with this can be a Worker Environmental Awareness Program or WEAP. A WEAP is a training for workers to understand better how they can do their work while causing as little harm as possible to the surrounding environment. This can include litter mitigation, instructions on what to do if tortoises are located on the project site, and creating plans on how best to move forward with work. 

Action Matters

At Bio-Logical, we are doing all we can to ensure that construction projects begin and continue with as much care as possible, not only for the workers but also for the habitats that find themselves under threat. With a team of authorized biologists and biological monitors, there is no project too large or too small for us to handle. At Bio-Logical, we also work closely with federal and state agencies to ensure that any project is ready to meet whatever requirements are needed. We believe strong foundations make building better, and it all starts with protecting the desert we all call home.


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